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Published on March 21, 2004 By USSTiconderogaXO In Misc
Decided that for my very first blog, I'd introduce myself further.
I have been a practioner of Wicca-craft for close to 14 years now. By personal choice, I follow a solitary path, mainly due to the fact that I believe that the act of worshipping Divinity is a deeply personal act, and not for public display. In my stint as a follower of a mainstream religion (LDS), I got more than enough of the "Sunday Saints" who sang and prayed the loudest of the congregation, who sobbed as they proclaimed their belief in the Holy Spirit while giving their testimonies, and during the rest of the week were the meanest, greediest, most spiteful, self-important, sactimonius jerk-offs out there. Now, don't take that little rant to mean that I think all Mormons are like that, nor do I think that this a purely Mormon phenomenon. I have no doubt that this is something that takes place in all religions - mainstream or alternative - because humans seem to have a need - learned early on - to be "better than" someone. It's that "keeping up with the Jonses" gone to the extreme. Even today, when I attend christenings for friends' children, during a time that is supposed to be most holy, where the congregation is supposed to be supporting the family whose child is being blessed there are several different areas of whispered conversation going on. People looking for babysitters, or passing on invitations to birthday parties or anything else BUT focusing on the matter at hand, that is, until it's THEIR child up being blessed. Then, at the celebration afterward, the parents are complaining about all the noise and talking that had been going on while their baby was being blessed, completely ignoring the fact that they had been doing the exact same thing while someone else's kid was being blessed. The ultimate example of hypocrisy. Isn't the first commandment to "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you"? I'm just rather confused when people expect to be given respect without being mature enough to give respect to other people. Like many other things, it's a two-way street.
I'm also a mom. I have a daughter who just turned four years old. She is the light of my life, the greatest gift I have ever received, and most definitely the ruler of the roost - as far as is safe to allow.
She is very much into "girlie" things - dressing up, Barbies, and such like. I myself was a tomboy, and the most playing with Barbie that I did was to tape her to a large model rocket and launch her to the moon. The only dolls that I had much interest in were a couple of cabbage patch dolls that I received for birthday and x-mas the year I turned twelve, and that was mostly because I understood what my great grandmother had gone thru to get the dolls. That was 1984, the year that cabbage patch dolls were first big must-haves -like "tickle-me elmo" of recent years. Other than that, I was more into bikes and roller skates and climbing trees. So, there are times now when I just have to shake my head when Aurora declares that she "needs this dress", and that she needs more "glass slippers". (Her term for dress shoes.) She has enough dresses now to go for two weeks without ever looking at a pair of pants. The only downside is that she love to play on her swingset, and dresses aren't good for climbing. ( I have a Snow White dress that needs a new hem as proof of that.)
Lastly, I am a fan of the science fiction/fantasy genre. I love Star Trek, to the extent that I am the executive officer of a Star Trek fan club, the USS Ticonderoga. If you want to see pics, you can check us out at
Link. There are photos of many of our activities and service projects, as well as photos of myself, my daughter, and the people who will, in august, be my stepson and my husband.
I have been a member of the Ticonderoga since late 1997, and I can say, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the people I've met thru the club have been the best people I've met anywhere. I've tried out other groups that emphasized some of my other interests (SCA, Camarilla, etc.), but I didn't stick with any of those groups because I didn't get very welcoming vibes from them. The people were nice, but most of them had this attitude of "I'm Lord/Lady High Mucky-Muck, and you must bow to my wonderfulness." If that had simply been a club persona, that would have been one thing, bu once the meeting/gathering/get-togther was over, those attitudes tended to contiue. Conversely, the first impression I got from the Ticonderoga group was "Come on in, have fun with us." From the captain on down, I received a very welcoming vibe. Any ranks that had been earned were only observed at official fleet activities, and that was mainly to recognize the work the person had done to achieve the rank.
Some of the other things that I enjoy are the standard reading and listening to music. I'm learning to like exercise and, now that the weather is back to sunny and warm, Aurora and I take the dog ( a shih tzu named Squiggy ) for a walk outside every day. Squiggy and I get exercise, and the Princess gets to show off her latest gown. I'm also working on giving up soda
I love RPG's, although I haven't played one in a long time. I have a bard and a paladin from Dungeons and Dragons, and an espionage expert from Spycraft that have been languishing in a drawer for months.
I enjoy sewing and doing stained glass and some light woodworking. (Okay, I have a scrollsaw.) I'm thinking about taking some welding classes. I love taking odd pieces of some material ( cloth, glass, wood, etc. ), putting them all together and having something really cool ( with luck ) turn out in the end. Herb and veggie gardening are some of my favorite things - a fresh-off-the-vine tomato is like a little slice of heaven, IMHO. Making herbed cooking oils and vinegars, making soaps, rockhounding, riding ATVs, camping. In case you hadn't noticed, I still like to get dirty, just in a more grown-up way. An added bonus to a lot of these pass times is that Aurora can "help". She's very excited about planting the garden this year, because her Daddy and brother gave her some Barbie gardening tools for her birthday. I have to remind her daily that we can't plant yet because there is still a strong chance for freezing.
Well, I've been online for far too long today, and now it's time to go get ready to go see Disney Princesses on Ice. I'll wish you all a happy Ostara.
Blessed Be!

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