Eloping is for wimps!
Published on March 27, 2004 By USSTiconderogaXO In Marital Issues
Got a massage today - it was marvelous. One of the ladies on the ship is a massage therapist. I used to do that myself, but for several reasons, my license has lapsed. Every other week, we do trades. I get a massage for free, and by giving Kathy a massage in return, I am able to keep my skills honed, so that eventually I can get back into the massage business. It was very nice to relax amid the flurry of planning a wedding. After a very long time waiting, I am finally able to plan my wedding, a change for which I am very grateful. Actually, the wedding itself is done - we are going to the justice of the peace on August 26th, then, after a couple days all by ourselves at the Anniversary Inn, we are going to have a big reception on the morning of the 28th. There will be a short Wiccan Handfasting ceremony first thing, followed by the party. The hardest part is choosing the people who will be asked to attend the handfasting. Our immediate famiies will be at the legal seremony on the 26th. Carl's family are devout mormons and, according to him, probably not open-minded or tolerant enough to attend, although they are very good people otherwise. I'm going to ask my cousin Shelli if she would care to "officiate" at the ceremony. I've figured out a way to involve the spectators in the ceremony, and now I just have to figure out a way to get Aurora and Steven involved. I decided that since there won't really be anything the kids can do at the legal part, they need to be included in the fun part. We are, after all, making 2 sets of parent and child into a family of four, and the kids need to feel like they are important enough to be included in that process, rather than just along for the ride.
I was going to spend today going to different sites tohold the reception - parks and reception centers and such, and see what their garden areas are like, because I want the reception to be outdoors . Today, however, the weather didn't cooperate. We've had a downpour going on most of the day. It rained hard enough this morning to flood the basement. My mom and I had to spend almost an hour shovelling debris out of the storm drain and then bailing water because the drain kept gettng plugged up by dirt and leaves that were too small to be caught in the rake, and just washed out of the shovel. Fortunately, the only room affected was the laundry room, and it has no carpet. The dirty clothes on the floor soaked up the water.
On a lighter note, the Ticonderoga gets to plan the Seventh Fleet Olympics this year. We are going with a Hawaiian theme, so I've been looking up Hawaiian totems, and doing some research on Hawaiian mythology, customs, and folklore. It's been a lot of fun getting to know another culture, and makes me want to visit Hawaii even more than before.
I have more research to do, both for the olympics and my wedding, so I'm going to end this blog by saying Goddess Bless!

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